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World Blood Donor Day Celebration

""World Blood Donor Day Celebration”

District Youth Affairs Charsadda, in collaboration with Al-Khidmat Foundation &The Blood Heroes (TBH) a youth-led organization in district Charsadda, organized an event on "World Blood Donor Day" at Al-Khidmat Hospital Charsadda on June 14, 2024. The event aimed to spread awareness about Thalassemia, conduct blood donation camps, and visit the Thalassemia centre to meet the children affected by the disease. Special guests, including Mr. Peer Masood Khan (District President), Mr. Noor Hussain (Al-Khidmat Foundation Director), Mr. Fawad Khan (TBH Core Advisor), and Mr. Shabaz Khan (District Representative Charsadda) along with District Youth Officer Faheem Durrani visited the Thalassemia centre and distributed gifts in the children, uplifting their spirits.

During the blood donation camp, twenty local youth, and volunteers, donated blood to help children in need. District Youth Officer (DYO), Mr. Faheem Jan addressed the participants, emphasizing the importance of blood donation and commending their dedication to the cause. He said that the youth's selfless acts can have a significant contribution to educating the community and promoting health awareness.

As a token of appreciation, DYO awarded customized cups and certificates to the participants, and guest of honor shields to the special guests. An awareness talk was also delivered by TBH volunteer doctors, educating the audience about the significance of blood donation, its benefits, and its impact on Thalassemic patients' lives. The event concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony, celebrating the unity and spirit of the community for a special cause. The DYO commended the dedication and efforts of the blood donors, and TBH, as their selfless acts have significantly contributed to educating the community and promoting health awareness.

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    Al-Khidmat Hospital Charsadda