Our Vision 

The Directorate of Youth Affairs, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was established as independent Directorate in the year 2017. The Purpose of the Directorate Establishement is to:-

Youth Rights (Health, Decision Making, Political/Civic Participation, Marginalized & Minorities youth etc.)

Youth activism and volunteerism plays important role in engagement of youth in peace building and conflict transformation processes, inclusion of marginalized & minorities youth in main streamline.

Personality grooming, Community engagement & development (Sports & Extracurricular activities, Volunteerism, Entrepreneurship, Hassle Free Loan, Internship, On Campus Job & Job Placement)

1. Sports/ Extracurricular activities (dedication and encouragement of youth) -- How?

2.Physical activities (Sports – all categories)

3.General (Soft activities i.e. Debate/Speech, drama, etc)