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Training Session for Tourist Guide and Hikers

he District Youth Office Mansehra, in collaboration with Saibaan Pakistan and the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Hazara University Mansehra, successfully organized a comprehensive Training Session. The event catered to a diverse group of participants, including youth, nature enthusiasts, tour guides, tourists, trekkers, and hikers.

The program commenced with a reverent recitation from the Holy Quran. Dr. Muhammad Alam Khan, from Tourism and Hospitality Management, delivered a insightful keynote address on harnessing the potential of tourism in Pakistan, with a specific focus on the North region and Mansehra district. He emphasized the significance of training and certification in the tourism industry.

Mr. Sahibazada Jawad Alfaizi elaborated on the principles of eco-tourism and responsible tourism practices, while Mr. Nayar Shehzad shared his expertise on addressing challenges faced during trekking and tourist excursions. The CEO of SAIBAAN and the District Youth Officer Mansehra further highlighted the importance of certification and training for tourist guides and hikers.

The event concluded with the District Youth Officer Mansehra presenting shields to the esteemed guests, acknowledging their valuable contributions to the program.

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    Hazara University Mansehra