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Fifteen Days Dressmaking Training in Bara, District Khyber

From 01.05.2024 to 15.05.2024, a comprehensive two-week dressmaking training program was held in Kajuray, Bara. The initiative aimed to empower local women with valuable dressmaking skills, enhancing their employability and fostering entrepreneurial opportunities. On the final day of the training, three Observers, Miss Nazia Shaheen Assistant Director Coordination, Computer Operator Miss Zara Akbar and Miss Faiza Afridi from the Directorate of Youth Affairs visited the event. During the visit, they introduced the Directorate of Youth Affairs and its mission for youth empowerment. Met with all participants and reviewed their work, admiring the dresses they had stitched and assessing their dedication to learning dressmaking. Conducted a lottery to distribute 10 sewing machines to participants to further empower them financially. The names of 33 participants were added to a bowl, and 10 winners were randomly selected and announced. While the winners were thrilled, those who didn't win were understandably disappointed.

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    Bara District Khyber