Youth Policy

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Youth Policy is the central tool to systemically integrate, implement, and evaluate all youth development work in the province. The policy based on three pillars:

- Youth development through – Economic, Social and Political Empowerment To predict empowering strategies, institutional mechanisms and the action points for multiple public, private and social sector stakeholders which are working to develop youth in the province.

Why Youth Policy?

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa population of active youth (15 – 29) is 35%. Presence of a huge youth population will mean more resources, jobs, food security; increased social vibrancy; and political participation. In the desired and best case scenario, this youth bulge may serve as a dividend for the nation and youth can become the vehicle for change.

To use this HR resources effectively and efficiently

According to need analysis of population if this HR resources didn’t manage properly then it will be a great disaster for the province (increase in unemployment & threat to law and order situation)


The Directorate of Youth Affairs, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was established as independent Directorate in the year 2017. The Khyber Purpose of the Directorate Establishement is to:-

4. Youth Rights (Health, Decision Making, Political/Civic Participation, Marginalized & Minorities youth etc.)
  • a. Youth activism and volunteerism plays important role in engagement of youth in peace building and conflict transformation processes, inclusion of marginalized & minorities youth in main streamline

5. Personality grooming, Community engagement & development (Sports & Extracurricular activities, Volunteerism, Entrepreneurship, Hassle Free Loan, Internship, On Campus Job & Job Placement)
  • a. Sports/ Extracurricular activities (dedication and encouragement of youth) -- How?
  • b. Physical activities (Sports – all categories)
  • c. General (Soft activities i.e. Debate/Speech, drama, etc)